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"Some will have it that the stomach is a mill; others

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steadily extending the period of human existence. The distinguished historian

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the disabilities caused by infantile paralysis cannot well

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in the feet ; and, finally, the attacks become chronic

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be of some use because of the presence of traces of

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been no return of the complaint. The cicatrix is soft and supple. She says

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to be bad in London. We cannot conclude OUT remarks with-

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determined. The patient when asked to indicate the seat of pain, traced with

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Copaiba, Solution of. — Boil for 15 minutes, water, 7 parts,

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compensating action of the diaphragm to a small extent. If the

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and effervescing draughts (F. 348, 349, 355) ; cold drinks, such as

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other foul material, should be carefully avoided. . . .

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There was another danger : it was found that at the

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might liave been mucli more distinctly indicated. The " genu

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profession during this time ? It has been a time of wonderful

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be of normal length, not having undergone absorption or ulcer-

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tion of the disposal of refuse would be complete without

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typhoid bacilli the interval was small. The disease may be contracted in

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nique allowed the superimposition of separate color images to build up

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versities, most of them would feel sure that at least

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means for many hours after artificial respiration has

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from the table and .started for home in a wagon, the bitch was

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suppository is probably the most efficacious form for the admin-

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thorax (January 10, 1921) Dr. James Metcalfe reported: "String

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human body, was harmless. Last summer a person (the

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others help only at one course or deliver merely a single lecture. Of the former

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an agency in the movement of the blood from the lungs, toward the left

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ease the child appeared well developed and fairly nour-

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Physiological and Pathological Hihtology." It wa>»

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which cannot at present always be accurately told. Fur-

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outlined exudative infiltration in the middle third of the

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so that the full anodyne effect of the morph. is secured without


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