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The medicinal action and uses of Magnesia ponderosa are identical with those of

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Calcutta India. At the date of this report material

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America and those from all the Windward Islands remaining subject

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more remarkable when we consider how alarmingly prevalent and

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tuberculin test acts directly in encreasing the relative number

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with good results where paralysis of the extensors of

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the irritation of which with a needle etc. causes tonic and

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these needles are fine and with sharp points they can be

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tion projected the need for an increase of. percent or

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for indolent traumatic tetanus. Kyo rin no Shiori To

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as those found in the urine. The ashes of proteins are water

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not infrequently vomiting. The Kamela the powder and hairs from the

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with suggestions of great value to the young practitioner and

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There w as a time when next to syphilis tuberculosis was the

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For the preceding ten days or more he had noticed a decided

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conduction abnormalities have usually been excluded

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of three days duration. More or less abdominal pain and much

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You re No Good to Me Dead Behind Japanese Lines in the

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The author seems rather doubtful as to the spelling of a distinguished

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blood. The lardaceous deposit is probably a result of a prior blood change.


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