be evident to the reader, no such experiment was intended. We have

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adopted daughter of J. N. Barclay, Esq., Harmondsworth, Middlesex.

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had occasion to perform this operation thrice for the same or

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- stomach itself resulting from some constitutional predisposition,

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have been under treatment in the extra ward of Dr Bardelebeu's

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ured with a bistoury. I do not believe that cystic ovaries should

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twenty or thirty beats, and the temperature is 1' or 2' C.

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coal region are subject to the following mitigation

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tween pressure with the ends of the fingers and with the open palm. In the

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with merciless bitterness all those who ventured to add new

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felt strongly upon the subject of intemperance as a cause

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drachms (gros) in from 4 to 6 ounces of peppermint water, infusion of

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inforior nu'atns ; a supply passing tlirou>,'li tin- niiiMlo nioalus,

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for example, where a serpent in the form of a circle

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antigens studied, certain organisms have superior antigenic properties

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minutes, I gave up all atteinpts at reduction, as the j^atient


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