geneinl and continued to increase until her admission into the hospital. At

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not only well spent but doubtless economically spent

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the mild diluents and demulcents. The former have not been

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her clothes into shreds. With these exceptions and they

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some at least in the marrow even of normoblasts as sug

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Popular prejudice in such matters ought to have some weight and

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being obliterated the patient was an incurable lunatic who

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bolic that is it directs the restorative formative anabolic

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been in preceding centuries. Calomel was often given in doses which pro

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modification of the follovdng to suit individual needs is the usual pre

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remembered a reason can always be discovered usually by a quite

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single unpaired papilla has been noted midway between

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tendon on its inner side or on its outer as deeply as can

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The muscular and adventitious coats are in this case

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ing the size of a pin s head. But these facts require to

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almost without exception to be possessed of the habit.

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materies morbi of these maladies consist of solid bodies which

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roid in Jaeger s atlas also without unilateral dislocation and further two

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of black tongue although this symptom was actually pres

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by inhaling the air respired by the affected child

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The second case I regard as the most extraordinary in

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extension he abandoned instrumental extension and fixation

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to swellins of the lining mucous membrane or to the accu

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gangrenous. These pathological changes vary through

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be effective. He described Apostoli s method of using electricity

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suspected of having disease of the pancreas the finding

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cially being surrounded and infiltrated by tuberculous

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he ought not to sell he unqnefltiomibly does so unintentional y

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lect with a good preliminary education the probabilities are

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The later stages characterized by hyperplasia of the

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such descriptions emanate from Bennet Virchow Southey

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been a special journal devoted to pure surgery. The

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dinary efforts to keep the flies alive by for example

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Ibrer Majest amp t der Kalserin Friedrich stehende Kaiser and

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formed him it would have been proper in him to have known

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destruction of the vital powers can be prevented. But there are some

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