moval of the pancreas is now no longer followed by the
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functions increases. The memory and intellect assume greater power
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awakened in this useful procedure by Phillips, of St. Louis,
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varies with a change in the position of the patient — a sign that is wanting in
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I Convenient S./.D. dosage - 250 mg, 500 mg and 750 mg tablets
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an increase of carbon dioxide and an increase of oxygen in the inspired air
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Titer o-dbdjominaL Supporter. — Dr. Haynes, of Concord, N. H., has
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2 P.M. It was generally continued for three hours, up to the next
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Remarks on above discussion, Annates de dermatologie, Oct. 1898, p. 849.
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the digestion is interfered with, a tendency to perspire sets in, the tract or
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or a bandage, in the meantime elevating the injury if it is in the arm
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Under certain circumstances he thought "the gauze and spray"
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ceived from distant organs. These substances are either
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the former had passed away, whilst some difficulty of articulation
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Is the slaughtering of animals for human consumption upon
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ladies ? Madame Iv, permit me to offer you some of zeese fruit defendu —
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clature more exi)ressive than elegant speaks of the
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See. also, Zeiller (P.) [wil. s.]. DerHirnstamni, [etc.].
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discomfort of ordinary lodgings. Arrangements will be made
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Pollantin is not injected, used externally only. In-
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There is one opinion advanced, or, at least, acquiesced in, in this preparatory
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the most powerful medicines, and in the largest doses, are required to
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modern demands, the regulator necessary for perfect results
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be held in bed, the drug proved an effective means of
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a native of the village of Motta, in Austrian Italy ; a little place in
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he said anv thing on the subject that might not as well, and as
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or eccentricity; though this is by no means the rule. The eccentric
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Laurel, elaborated by the unassisted hand of nature, in a state of
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of the more early incorporated, especially, having failed to cherish
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2. Medical Testimony on Insanity as an Excuse for Crime :


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