pertinent federal and state laws and regulations on nondiscrimination regarding race, color,
amaryllis meaning symbolism
The Method of Disinfection practised at the Quarantine Sta-
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from irritating material. 6. The wounds heal rapidly.
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disaisility of either eye prior to the accident, it is
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died, and the foreign member removed bv death from our
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and one or other of these inflammations will, we think, generally be found to
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tension ; gypsum splint put on in this position, while patient was relaxed
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first time exploding rifle balls used in action. They fell on all
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in support of this proposition he presents the fol-
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Paiilaud, in the Mevue MHicale for January, 1829, that M. Dupuytren, who
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using arsphenamine, iodides, and mercury. Mercury seemed to
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The editor, or the reputed editor, of that paper comes
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of a mordid condition is a provisional necessity for registra-
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abscesses have been observed. With other solutions of iron,
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of the later symptoms of malaria, and may or may not be present, as
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Directions. — Warm the boot or shoe and rub the end of
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and voice be affected, topical applications must be used. If osseous or peri-
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Thigh Abductors: The positions of the subject and adjuster are the same
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the infection during the warm season, or in tropical regions, and the con-
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admitted Sept. 12, 1855. He presented, when my service commenced,
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as heavy yields as last year. Two hundred and ninety-
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Kitchen, E. H., A Simple Method of Administering Ethyl Chloride, Brit. Med.
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tomical student should commence his dissections, some advising that he should
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remedied by cutting the connecting band, rectifying the ])()sition, and
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found a perforation when he opei-ated at four o'clock.
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lady is now the mother of two children. Several other cases in
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this under the mere influence of a volatile liquid which
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them, so that now no one is obliged to consume an inferior or
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played more gravity and energy than lightness and promptitude, his looks much
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ment is caused by contraction of the quadratus lumborum and spinal muscles.
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upon the principle of increased force of the arteries. 4. In many dis-
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of animals well-fed and animals starved, no difference se^na to have occurred ; the larger the
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A description of the writer's method of operation is given, and though


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