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mixture of the anatomic lesions of lobar pneumonia with those of in-
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By the mouth and stomach is the method ordinarily employed.
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Slight changes of detail have been introduced, but none in
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injury with perhaps some lesion of the head, you will often find
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occurred after removal of the Esmarch, which was applied dur-
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the infection of wounds is mainly due. and to the vitality and
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life does it apply with greater force than to the physician.
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certainty. Acting upon a predisposed person it seems to be influential
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Yet in the one case there is almost certain loss of life ;
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been continued for a month, the blood was again analyzed,
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says that in glosso-labio-laryngeal paralysis there is paralysis without
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and site of the various tumours dealt with. The subtotal and " pan "
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produced a closure of all sinuses within a month. The girl gained rapidly in
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All the symptoms of acute poisoning by Tartar Emetic
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through an atomizer, and to take internally Sanmetto in teaspoonful doses four times
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not hoped to offer this society anything new or original. I offer
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neck and jaw, are all much improved. Can bear more pressure
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nodules of the lungs often cause tuberculosis when injected into
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constantly neglecting their administrative functions to " butt in " on
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the United States, there is a growing disposition to
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desire medical aid. When seen by Dr. Clark, at about six o'clock, the
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as the result of or accompanied by indigestion or dyspepsia.
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B kind may pass over without immediate death necessarily ensu-
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among Restoratives. ( Chalybaxtes.) The other metals are distributed
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right to develop into a healthy child is interfered with through


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