the control powders, the diameter of each was divided by that of the
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tary canal. According to Senator's observations up to the present, the
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ranitidine tablets ip 150 mg side effects
long term side effects of zantac in infants
Having now considered the causes and treatment of constipation, let us see
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regard every patient with smallpox as a possible source for infection. We are
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tube under paraffin oil, which by floating on its surface serves to diminish
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per cent., in the second 8.7 per cent. In 21 per cent, of the cases of total
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upon the principle of increased force of the arteries. 4. In many dis-
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instance, we have the authority of Professor McCall, of the
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in them may be sent by jx)st or otherwise, and their insect
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in the United States was finally ratified, the An ti -Slavery Society held a
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^ There is one article the use of which gives rise, directly and indirectiy,
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a serious breach of its laws. I think that this power, combined
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9. The only work dealing fully with the now no longer obscure contagious and infectious dis-
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one recovered and one hundred twenty-eight were improved.
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in the Atlantic Magazine says: — "In our civilized sedentary life, he
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well as the axis-cylinders, has disappeared or undergone so much change
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blue with small dark purple specks and often mottled with
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acquires a deep violet colour, the same conclusion is
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assistance and medical relief work. One of these caravans goes north-ward
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that food is only taken at the rising of the sun, cunning men have
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is generally regarded, at any rate in this country, as being opposed
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ascribed to the epithelium of the renal tubules just as specific an
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vested interests, or indifference, have not yet awakened to
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by the head of the operating table are placed the appliances used
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Minimal Height of Barometer (on 8rd at 3 p.m.), 29-520 „
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with decrease, but not correction of the convergence.
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foetus would be less likely to irritate the neck of the womb than a
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muscular exertion in a standing position, is a common cause of
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10 Smith,’ G. Van S. : Menstrual toxin. Am. J. Obst. & Gynec.,
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suppurating sores. Pustules have sometimes been produced, but these have shortly
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nel; and, in conjunction with the sndden changes in temperature,
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Fig. 567. — Amputation of the middle finger: Traction on the finger while the bistoury cuts
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to make diligent enquiry on his behalf as to other pos-
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the axilla, and at this point there existed a circular abraded
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sis is unilateral and the other kidney is healthy, the duration of
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normal and abnormal pulmonary function and gas exchange, one on
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