drawn, and on administering some water it was found that he

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greater reason then for our proposed method of treat-

does yellow promethazine syrup get you high

increases as the disease advances. The patient dies of exhaustion or

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lamps were used for lighting purposes. Sterilizing was done

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wounds. Jn comminuted and compound fractures, however, he found that

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promethazine with codeine addiction

In the great majority of cases the condition presented is that

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normally, this line lies over the greater tuberosity (Fig. 140).

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unapproachable men of learning, who inspired awe, sometimes

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portions are separated from the leaves and both the bark and the leaves

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profusely, mainly by photographic reproductions ; the

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The painful sensations, then, were felt in the right hypochondrium,

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But the greatest service that the war has done is probably the

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an application to wounds in 100 cases, with, on the whole, satis-

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deformity, the patient was subjected to five separate ope-

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Z Uhogrroffhed bf W L c v r from, a, drawing i>y

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except the stiffness of the muscles, passed away very rapidly, greatly to the

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indicated. It ought to be given either immediately after meals, or

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nor can he be made to keep himself or his surroundings

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later — delirium tremens becomes fully developed. Sometimes,

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it in wide-mouthed bottles which are hermetically sealed by a rubber

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garded as essentially a physical disease, it is not one which, after it

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tle or to purchase supplies, any amount of which could have been at

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All the^ cases of disease reported dudng the 10 years* are comprised

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That issue, we believe, makes it imperative that all

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aspirated thither from the lungs through the vein-like arteries

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Beflex irritation. — Intestinal worms, gastric disturbances, dentition ajid

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tioo of the versatile Parisian — proves to be bat a reprodaction of

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Friend Coates : — I perceive by the last number of

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left, but low in the epigastric region ; it is usually tensive

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as that which had characterized her attacks of hys-

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in other words, it was a progressive condition. The

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might be misleading. Again, there was a great tendency abroad to over-

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Spring are more sudden and violent than in Autumn. There should be

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