tendency to globular nose, but no malar thickening. The nails were curved,

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compression become displaced, and is often not readily found.

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reflex etiology seems indisputable, and in both it would appear

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tained by the above process, were dissolved by snaking in a

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condition — bradycardia — found so often with myxoedema, or after

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H. B. Aitkens, a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota, opened an

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tincture will break up the habit with ati)^ opium habituae. He

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no doubt born in poison, and need most careful feeding and management

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side; the countenance of the attending physician is studied for en-

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check is made on his card, and it is administered in the dressing tent or

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known as Strongylus cei'vicornis and contortus, both found

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cially of the internal organs ; wasting away and becoming exhausted, without

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union in the cases in which the fragments have been accurately

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third calf. It occurs where grasses are very fine, rarely being

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ou food, air, water and soils have been carefully re-

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tions, and convince the Professors of Operative and Me-

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tected by them. In addition, the gastric juice is diluted

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satisfactory ; the mild cases recovered and the more

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ret of potassium ; they are both black powders, insoluble in

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incision, pass a catheter into the bladder, not only because it

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only a small surface is available for respiratory function, to con-

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viduality aside from the mental feebleness. Some of the

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the first year, and established its real value. It has now

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firmness, in her minute fidelity, and in her rigid positivism —

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calculi or of large quantities of urine with a corresponding subsidence of

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Was this case treated in a hospital? If so, please state date of admis-

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influenza, with a perfect arrest for the time of purulent discharge. The nostril

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before us, for example, we find in one place apoplexy,

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mission of external life thus implies transmission of intelligence ;

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justified in asking whether thei-e must not be something more than mere

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and .5.90 of salts and impurities. Its physiological action is comparable on the

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tell the original form of the jelly from the flattened mass on the

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This will hasten or delay delivery, as nature requires.

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but failed to find it. As to a diagnosis from the fluid obtained, I

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held in the position of talipes equinus, and the hands

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was accordingly opened forthwith, to the extent of an inch and a quarter

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with charpie saturated with a solntibn of carbolic acid. The induration having

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