when no other operation can be performed, and when the dis-

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equal importance, advocate it with equal fervor. How

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I look upon arsenic as a specific, or that I consider it to

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and a current of electricity applied after the manner

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honorable means of enriching the science, he should entertain a

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claim is very problematical, but one worthy of atten-

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out the little sufferer s life, but by most painfully slow degrees.

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which might perhaps modify entirely our judgment and

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(that is, notoriety, wealth, a large business, etc.) not a

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before the profession by a gentleman from the south,

furosemide side effects

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In most of the general fevers which have a local expression,

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very rapid decomposition of which, the combustion go-

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important symptom, I will tell you, that every morning

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works no one stands higher than the excellent volume of

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affections. The ordinary forms of psoriasis however

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he should see that he is washed, before applying the jacket.

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tliat these changes have occurred will the lower histological

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demand evidently does not sustain Dr. Yandell by any

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fatal cases are those in which some other influences or conditions

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progression of the spermatozoa. It is to their own mo-

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Dr. Ferguson moved the suspension of the order of business

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LocAx Tkeatment. — In cases of acute cystitis with transi-

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this case could not be determined, as it was in the hands

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inflamed as the lung is, a coincidence which is the rule in

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Dr. Govan moved that the Secretary be authorized to incur

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if the principle be properly managed. This is effected by the

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conversion to Darwinianism seems to be that the theory

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never seen any bad results, and except in the very sensitive, any

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ally undermined, and I fell into a state of listless indiffer-

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cancer of the superior maxilla. The patient was pale,

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panying the second sound of the heart, it is equally certain that

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any thing done that will be likely to prevent a re-

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tation ; but, while this sleep may be prolonged, the period


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