Technic of Removal of Missiles in the Presence of Extensive
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of foreign bodies in tbe wound is tbe only objention
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the constant attention which it necessitates is an additional
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petent physician testified that he did not consider her
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is believed to depend on the interstitial cells present in them, for it has
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tis fignris seneis. 2 p. L, 362 pp., 11 pis. 8°. Stockholmia?. [W a , W°, W 8 .]
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have been pointed at a very slight inclination away from a straight
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diets approved by the medical authorities. He expressed a desire to
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performed the better. He considered that it is safer to
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troduced by (Jorvisart, LuMinec, Louis and bin follow-
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be attained immediately by freely opening the skull and clearing out the
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1 purpura, eosinophilia, leukopenia, and agranulocytosis have
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the old subject of diagnosing diseases by their odors. The acidity
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city was without its health officer, and Epaminondas, Demosthenes,
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tolute excMt, — in a larger quantity than in health. Now the
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ano^ applies to those cases of the disease that admit of remedy,
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righteous indignation against the Medical Society of
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ward off an attack. If the headache be present, this course
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attribute it to some obstacle which cannot be overcome, and the
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this subject, and believe that in many cases strychnine is used too
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transformed into a cavity of the size of a small apple filled
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cannot be expected to do it. The seat of the disease is located in
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sodium formiate introduced into the digestive tract or injected into
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increases its virulence for these animals. Dawson and Hume
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died of starvation, others had an amount of adipose tissue that was
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ternal surface of the orifice, is tumefied, this tumefaction dimin-
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Slst, 1857, in Nashville, we, as a committee, were appointed, to urge
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rough-and-tumble scramble ; neither received any severe
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two on the Nervous System, and one on the Sense of Pain,
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tected. Antibodies persist after vaccination for as long as ten
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to the removal of the left superior maxillary bone. Mr. Dowden,
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addressed to the Editors of The American Practitioner and News, Louisville, Ky.
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tion of the hydrate of chloral as a topical remedy, in the proportion of one or
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good results in properly selected cases, and it is our opinion


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