diate properties, a portion of the water used having
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years of age numbered 335. of whom 242 were under one
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the lungs of vomited food particles ; and these cases
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time introduced a steel dilator (not unlike a glove
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part of the ascitic fluid escapes at this stage. The
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degree — the belief of the "learned vulgar" of that
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peut on acheter fucidine sans ordonnance
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able anterior surface is hkely to perforate into the
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ing different electrolytes, so the muscle fibre sheatli
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pain only on pressure in right iliac region. Temperature.
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I.M I'l; TK.O CC).\T.\GIOS.\ rK.\.\S.\l I I I Kt) BY
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for the corre"sponding week in 1909. The annual death
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say things. ... I felt that the fear that I could not laugh
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and nearly all of these were curable. As to the fre-
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number of eminent surgeons, who had signified their wil-
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the smouldering embers of theological zeal had been
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in a thousand of population, as compared with a rate of
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tropics that sleeping on the ground, or at low ele-
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and board of managers. If, in the judgment of this com-
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If this is out of the question, a bowl covered with a
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on a high stool in order that he may be turned com-
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^etiological factors stand out — acute infections, no-
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say, the first pelvis was discovered by the nurse, and then we began
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November 14th : Temperature normal ; pupils equal and
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tients. The palliative efifects of the treatment should
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in the left eye and marked signs of cataract in th"
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tice of Medicine, Medic.il Department, Tulane University
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inspect the Bacterio-Therapeutic Laboratory in Ashe-
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they finally take the disease after a constant 'fixed'
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ten and twenty years engaged in the relatively light
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