rules apply as to other wounds, plenty of drainage so as to

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thlflk horses are just as free, such, however, is not the

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the kidneys, instead of regarding it as an indication that the blood is

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as any of the foregoing, showed a definite reversion in the direction of

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not, however, argue that even monsters so produced may be

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characteristic symptom of the presence of lead in the system is the

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presupposes patience and a thorough knowledge of the anatomy.

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if the first cases had been reported there would probably

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habit, (a patient of the General Dispensary,) says, that four months

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tenderness, tympany and offensive lochia were noticed. Vaginal

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but completely spare prostacyclin. Many studies have

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University Hospital. B.A. 1964, Brooklyn College, City

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exciting agent in diphtheria, and only exceptionally permit of such early

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Dr. H. V. Perry came to Alden in 1880. “We understand that Dr. Preston


mine for exploration ! How inexhaustible and rich the mine is, there is daily

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those who know that they only occur as a result of the physician's

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lar affections. Small-pox patients have been surroun-

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not coincide with the crisis of the disease. Several days always

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instr., ; genetal soc. service, 71 ; ior other purposes, 231 ; dispensary

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Surgery for the Use of Surgeons in the Confederate States Army.' This

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tial procedures be reevaluated to facilitate an applicant’s

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[2] Castellani. Brit. Med. Joiirn., February 26, 1916, p. 306.

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ducement to abandon a fairly satisfactory system. That

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while those recently vaccinated escaped to a man. Furthermore, there are

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disregarded, until too late for remedy. And in no class of ailments

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These were cases of relapsing fever, a form of disease which was not

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capped with crown seals and submerged in vats of water which

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through a rather coarse strainer, and while it is hot take off

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the ears, in the more sthenic cases, in which, alter the prompt employment of

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sources of irritation that, more or less, impair the milking

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lowed in 30 minutes to an hour by flushing, sweating, and warmth

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acute in character, there is but little pus or albumin. In

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nia. Ph.D. 1991. Cornell University Graduate School of

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thought goes back to the days of the glories of Cor-

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marasmus will eventually result irrespective of the nature

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capsules, with oil of bergamot to conceal the odor.

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