eral results obtiined from a study of the literature,

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his selection of a sufficient dietary, but extraneous

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])enetration and in ])laces substitution of this by a

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mire him but his love for her is only a boastful re-

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of many, it is to be well considered, that it demands a greater

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tic and nitric acids, but also in sulphuric acid with facility. Can

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sists in avoiding heavy exercise, sexual excitement,

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deavor, made possible only by this operative means.

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least intuitively, of the puzzled groping between the

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Our plan for teaching industrial work for the blind

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of age presented tubercular deposits in some of the viscera. One

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of a general condition and do not call for surgery,

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should be pro])erly illuminated, and light reflexes

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implicating the abdominal organs are still more serious.

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urine the patient may inject himself with protargol

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191 cases of drug addiction were cited, in only three

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of the dietaries and living conditions of those fam-

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cent, of the total noneffective rate was due to pneu-

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contact with his family, as he can, if he desires to,

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homeward movement began, adapted it to meet the ''^"'''

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the latter organ. All this should be taken to heart

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patient occurring so wonderfully with the crisis in

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odic pains, felt chiefly about the umbilical region, and that when the

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rules regarding diet should be especially observed,

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cells in proximity to the hemorrhage ; puncture and

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secretions — notably the adrenal and the thyroid.

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extremity associated with fracture, vascular injury,


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