make cow's milk a fit food for infants — to dilute,

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vegetables in moderation, and hard biscuit being included, and the pa-

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alcoholism, Dr. Hammond speaks highly of the efficacy of the

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First, upon the mare's condition when served, depends

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it. A full sized trochar was passed into a large cyst, when a

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ated^through the Skin, and now forms a large Fungating Tumour. The

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between these two portions seems essential to the jus! enjoy-

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Dr. Mahon between sulphonal and other hypnotics, showed

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dones." We all recognise that the worst examples of acne are to

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6 Munro D.: The treatment of cranio-cerebral injuries with

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phia and opium, ten drops of the two-per-cent. solution

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The Functions of the Brain. By David Ferrier, M.D., LL.D..

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a thick dry woolen coat or blanket, being careful not to come in con-

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parallel. Now, if for any reason one eye is diverted,

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For the sake of convenience we may consider the question under

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practical part of the subject is seen in the fact that there are some

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of the most prolific causes of the increase of this crime. There

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typhoid, but the fact that she had an anomalous illness

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both as to the trouble and danger of it, well inspires dread. A

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Nastnrtinm sinnatnm, Nutt. T. & G. Fl. N. A. i, 73 (1838). Roripa

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elevated serum enzyme in these cases originates in the

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and set it, the man's by itself, and the woman's by itself; set

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of intelligence, and what unwillingness to be governed by com-

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Obesity. UCSF at San Francisco. Mon-Fri. 42 hrs. $350. Contact: UCSF.

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Now these things ought not to be suffered ; too heavy con-

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by the loss of a toy, it is forthwith soothed by an

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is due to the fact that no oxides of gold are formed

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in these cases the urine is acid and often scanty, the alivahes should

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reached to within 1 ( inches of the iliac crest. It was adherent

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cepted opinion as to the relative frequency of cholera

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reservoir " and the " pyloric mill," the functions of Avhich are well


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