There are abnormalities in the metabolism of protein fat and

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appear threatened with cerebral haemorrhage and in all cases of heart

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back of the foot the breast and the palm of the hand have

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more fully the epizootic of. Between the date of Emmerich

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May Preventive Medicine University of Minnesota Con

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and that any length of time spent in bed after this date is

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pounds making a hundred and eleven pounds in all. The child

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not been duly recognized and in many more been cunfoun

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All three copies of the claim will then be forwarded to the

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portion of echocardiograms do not adequately quantify

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in connection with the prevailing dusk produces accord

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result emmetropia in fifteen out of thirty one cases is un

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The fit lasts on an average from five to ten minutes. The interval

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A cold douche with slight pressure over the heart first

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tion of a portion of one side of the intestine in the

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found in combination with the other viz. diminution of temperature

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rales are heard. The heart is in a mild state of excitability

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dies of tuberculosis but the remaining seven are quite capable of resisting

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The plan of treating acute articular rheumatism by opium has been

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Dr Parry s work in which he lays such particular stress on the.

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Egypt. Hence the system of quarantine by sea and land was intro

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may lead to ulceration and ultimately to extensive excavations of

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subsequent local multiplication of the diphtheria organism. Children

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RozanotT comments that it is rather dillicult when there is no

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stratetl their presence in the sputum of tubercular

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the same time it is right to say I agree with the conclusions

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the vagina and pulled tight so as to close the peritoneal

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cognised If such a disease be developed in the changes which take

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and injudicious criticism to which the reports would be exposed

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laid before the Vaccination Commission. It will be seen from

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cholesterin in a manner comparable lo the increased sensitivity

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usually operated on explains the discouraging results that have

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colic of horses when it is combined with ammonium carbon

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the histologic changes found in this case were a hemorrhages in the

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upon me as President of the Society I propose to submit to the

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rabbits guinea pigs and pigeons are all extremely sensi


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