In lt nir Second Progress Report we attempted to present this mate
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by Prof. Antonio Pirocchi where is made a report to the coun
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in a child of thirteen months old the only son of a
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Hospital is acting as Honorary Secretary to the Fund.
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clothing bathing amusements and personal habits. Plenty of fresh air
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are generally present if the indulgence be carried to a great ex
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and inhale fifteen or twenty drops four to six times a
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Silver nitrate lunar caustic nerve tonic Horses grs x
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not to himself but to some other person. A few examples will
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number of bristles which lie close to the handle when intro
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amiuatioD of the mortality in the tenemeut districts
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by junior staff members willingly and without compensa
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and not to inflammatory swelling of the mucous membrane. The second or
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and great vessels held in an abnormal position by firm adhesions.
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came serious two experts MM. Conil and Chantcmesse from the So
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vestigate as accurately as possible the relation between the state
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A family is often proud when a genius appears in their
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because I think there is some tendency to regard them as being in
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colour the yellowness of the tubercle depending upon the con
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with well marked arterial lesions with or without renal sclerosis.
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sphere and therefore they ought rather to be termed endcmico
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themselves of the services of the men of unusual skill and reputa
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patients and occasionally give rise to troublesome herniae. In one
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they have a simple serviceable canvas carrying chair with extended
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writer of thirty sterna. More than forty additional specimens were also
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by sending patients to altitudes f he County of New York
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acid has a different specific gravity and a different solubility in
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Under the heading of treatment of indigestion he em
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further need be said here as the following pages bear ample
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embrace and as it should be worn constantly both during day and
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ced age of years successfully operated upon from the na
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been identilied no direct evidence that flies do on
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terest. It is not necessarily dangerous to life one of the re
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direct stimulant to the system no but because it retards the
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The births were above whereas the deaths were below the
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Thyroid Enlargement accompanying the onset of Menstrnation.
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irregularity in density of shadow than in Hodgkin s disease.
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of the two eyes did not correspond occasionally one would contract
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The leaves are the only part used are eoolmg and drymg
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are the rule and the swellings may appear at intervals throughout life.
places and that by laying aside natural prejudices
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pitals is the natural sequent of the standardization of the


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