there is a complete obstruction or a very small lumen

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secured from antifebrin and antipyrine, this failure is

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groins. Paquelin's cautery was applied to the ulcer.

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In tube 5 about 12 colonies appeared on the following day; in tube 5a only 1

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6. No other pigment than bile will yield the characteristic green

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definite change, becoming swollen and more globular in shape.

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month of January, which for the most part consisted in

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rior wall, near the cardia, its bottom formed by scar

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trial of new feed and pasture, a few powders composed of

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been back to normal at the fourth hour. This was a case of pneumonia,

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gun which he was about to sponge, when he was struck in both

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emboli have been found at autopsy. Hemorrhage is a con-

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From this it follows that the altered condition is not a destruction, but a modi-

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it in 1631 as situated near a chapel dedicated to St. Eloy. Later it

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well raised above the level of the skin, translucent, of the colour of dull

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usually found, after adult life, in the region of the thoracic duct,

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should be applied external to it, as when so applied its in-

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of the soldier on war service become contaminated with all manner of

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tions, ought to be the early effort of every 'parent ; and to succeed

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a brief paper in the July issue of the American Jouriud of

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in both cases. M. Neyding has submitted the furrow to microscopical exami-

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issued m a collected form, having for their object to expound the general bearing

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involving the whole subject of " railroad spine," and

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zation puts upon man, and the difficulty of the attainment of

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occurrence of the Widal reaction, and may cause the same to disappear after

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Let the faculty first cast the beam out of their own

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patients. It is a sufficient guarantee of its value, that those who have

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disease is an increase of the temperature, and if a study

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titatively explained on the basis of a mass action equilibrium between

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