Dr. T. a. Reamy, of Cincinnati : So long as the wife is
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public health at the time of the visitation of the disease in 1831-32, but, in
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sionally observed. The same observer has noticed herpes labialis in one-
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ting fluid a largely increased supply of leucocytes to make up for the drain
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As regards pneumonic plague the origin of such epidemics is prob-
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much longer period than this. Among the 25 animals of this series which were
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ing the peritonaeum, with a Martin's needle, and followed by
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These were the postulates which formed the basis for the experi-
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sician-Accoucheur to the St. George's and St. James's Dispensary
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interference, but was advised to make a thorough trial
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the treatment is shortened, by the more rapid heal-
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Senior Physician and Lecturer on Clinical Medicine, Westminster Hospital, Examiner in
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VII. Familiar lessons on physiology ; designed for tlu^
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closely on the paralysis, confining itself to a few muscles.
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sures they get. attached to the molecules of the gas so that
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distinctly noted as it deserved to be, that, as I remarked above, the
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tension, often dicrotic, and rarely less than 100 and often 180. The
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It is ill the matter of tlu' Imildiii^', eiiiiipmont, ami maiii-
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such location is a necessity, as it often is in cities, the soil-pipe should be
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by means of artificial inoculation, as has been done by the writer. A
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allowing chickens, dogs, etc., to come about the well and the refuse
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tion of the perineum, the fissure extending through the sphincter ani. The
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J. W. came under my care at about the same time, with the
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bodily strength, disordered digestion, and Localised fulness
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Case XXXVII. Softening in the Occipital Lobe. — Male, aet. 63, was sud-
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man of cultivated scientific tastes as a book of reference and
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The bleeding was repeated to the extent of a pint, and the extract of bella-
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mentioned enieToliths. These are intestinal concretions formed of vaiKMi
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the two million to four million patient visits a day in
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and gradually travels towards the central upright position, when the part is placed in
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men, made by the London Chamber of Commerce, Sir Ed-


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