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contraction on light stimulus. The left had a shrunken eater-

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181 *Cocaln and Eucain In Local Anesthesia, as Applied by the

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not, then, a new discovery, as claimed. Nor is it new in this

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not to be employed — if ever admissible — except on extraordinary occasions.

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there is fetal retention of urine and finally a giving

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In January 1834, he entered the hospital for pains of which he was soon

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ington, Geo., was my physician. I have also applied a multiplicity of reme-

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advise convex lenses to relieve the extra strain, so in the

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I saw the patient ten hours after delivery ; the wound was clean, and its

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kind is detailed in a late number of the London Medical Gazette.^ In shape

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Appointment. — ^Dr. Manchester, a graduate of McGill Uni-

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always from some violation of the plain laws of health.

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troublesome to prevent the further administration of the drug. Instead of pro-

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a lumbar abscess. It is true, that in dissection the original disease is over-

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tween the lesions of tuberculosis and syphilis ? Syphil-

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^Zeitschrift fur die gcsammte Medicin, Jan., 1838, s. 178.

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a phimosis, a dressing containing the following lotion is rec-

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ruary, 1829, I felt one evening, an aching in the left side of my shin-bone,

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rhage or pejforation occurs, throwing them into Class

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taken sick with a mild, but well-characterized attack of

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the cure has seemed permanent during the eighteen months

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For forty years he practiced at Jteisterstown, retiring and

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died of phthisis, and he is well eight years after. 6. T. lost

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it is as certain an antidote to arsenious acid as albumen is to corrosive

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not be proper to operate on a nose the seat of active

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tions must be taken in operating, to prevent the escape of a

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patients are often benefited by a much larger quantity.

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its texture may be rendered thick and opaque, and strengthened by inter-

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without, as yet, nodular formations. Under bright sun-

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1 case in 1.77; and waa^foUowedby death in 1 in 5.21 cases. Where diar-

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used : 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th D. arches removal ; cord normal.

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it is not cumulative, does not tend to produce habit, is not a

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the depletion was of short duration, and required no treatment.*

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tion camp until the incubation period is over. Not only

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jected at a time, the object being to secure contraction of

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Under the first class we find the instances of trans-

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which was supposed to be yeast, and Plimmer, who in 1100

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priority are vaguely settled on purely national and

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limbs, 1605, 1530, 1580; deaf-mutes, 830, 736, 725; wens, 1125, 1231, 1298

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