run through the index of a modern book on dermatol

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temperature as that which is not so disturbed. The qooling effect comes from

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tients improved somewhat in warm weather but became worse as the cooler

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physiology etc. do not depend too much upon your books verify

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as epithelioma adenoides cysticum of Brooke to the group

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Duke London Med Record March has obtained excellent

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Langhans of Berlin soon after antitoxin had been injected in order to

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sui generis. But in addition to this cause viz. contagion as a

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in just the same way. I have already made some preliminary experiments

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they were limited to the trunk and extremities and were not mani

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them at bedrest for two to three days is quite debili

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diseases. In making this distinction between diseases it

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power of cold of concussion of electricity and of certain pas

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both sides of the stricture. He closed the wound by

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found the optic disc cupped from this pressure It is

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a specific disease poison is subjected to a species of poison

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running out of particular ruling races or families or to the degeneration of

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temperature pulse digestion poor bacilli present sputum

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require me to take a conservative position and demand

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operation itself is so serious and so many cases can get well

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one. The peripheral ends unite to form the outer invest

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ened gelatine perhaps modified by the salt of copper.

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the intestine or where there are present symptoms of

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at the theories which have already been advanced. Some of them

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recoveries. While this operation is uot generally recommended and

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cussating fibers thereby producing temporal hemianopsia the


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