medication based upon the knowledge gained by our studies

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they are not diffuse. The epithelium undergoes an albuminous

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anterior margin of the glenoid cavity in.stead of simply an indentation beino


boiled before being baled and thus all future trouble might have

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breadth of statesmanship in the treatment of public

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mgrms. of phosphorus and Gonning found in English matches to

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in these symposiac disputations amongst his friends and having

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istence of local inflammations. When Ave repaired to the hos

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it will not germinate but if cooling is slow many spores will have

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The Morphological and Biological Characters of the Bacillus. The

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labour the properly of his friend the late Edward Brown

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The town and University of St. Andrew s have just suffered a severe

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with hot water painting the cervix with Churchill s

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so called parasitic protozoa and coccidia described by other investiga

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This experiment explains that pathogenic bacteria may

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and pigmentation ai e also disappearing leaving faint dusky pink mottled

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tion of fibrous tissue. The tumor was removed by Dr. Detmold from

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No provision that I know of is made for the safekeeping of

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Disturbances of the train of thought will often have been

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was seemingly normal showed no increased size and no abnormal

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sleep. After examining at some length the effects resulting

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volume centers. In the database of the Society for Car

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enough to hold together. Good soft sponge of uniform con

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gether in the same individuals is of course indisputable.

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months with acetanilide. No return at present time.

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carpin. In the two cases referred to it was necessary


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