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was marked atrophy of the muscles of the chest, shoulders

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show that the equation gives a fairly satisfactory constant when it is

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ends with as close a reproduction as possible of the pomp and circumstance of a

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memory, irritability, hebetude, and business incapacity (which I believe

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and Gynecology. Assistant Attending Obstetrician and

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especially syphilomata, gliomata, and sarcomata, like abscesses, occasionally

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Betola glanduloBa, Mich. Fl. Bor. Am. ii, 180 (1803),

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permanent Provincial Sanitary Board, or board of health, to which

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at the Hospital for pains in the back. Aneurism had not been

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and yet no inconvenience has occurred. This, however, is not the rule, and the

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only conditions with wliich we have to deal, and the

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next in order, the following programme having been prepared :

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method generally applicable and convenient, and the only mode at

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That patient has a weakly positive Wassermann reaction in her

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e succeeding catalogue of plants those species where no

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have a different scent and composition when compared

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as distinctly seen as though it were examined piece-

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sion of the abdominal wall may elicit an abnormal line of

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on the right introduces into the vagina the level' - speculum^ and ele-

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the chlorides in the urine are greatly diminished and

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particular patients rather than lectures in a conference

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108 ; affections of the respiratory and circulatory

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ments, one is faced with a subjective estimate that may vary

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uf this drug, evidences of inflammation could be found

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was slightly higher than that among residents, this find-

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the outcome of hemorrhoids, or that the poise of manner

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Syphilis. — The Societe Dermatologie (Progrls MZdical, February 8th,)

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gentleman interested stated that a first idea was to con-

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complains of a great variety of symptoms; and overshadowing

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salt and water was given, and a paper of fine tobacco

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mental irritability, but should lie continued unless this


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