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is only an addition of the hysteroid to the epileptic attack. The practical

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As the present officinal Ether is not well adapted to aniesthetic purposes* in

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Mary's Hospital. He was then sent home on a month's leave and

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vailed — in fact, that which the profession was called upon to treat

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cases. It is on account of the great difficulty of de-

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the tubers in quarters lengthwise, leaving a part of

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caliber and dense fleshy feel of the intestinal tube, by the shortening

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movement, one must take the lead ; and so in the removal of

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of Messrs. Allen & Hanbury. Dried milk foods are small in bulk,

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of cases, and the consequent cure of the patient ; indeed, this event may

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are: vi^atery, alcoholic, etheral and oily solutions, fatty solutions,

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and dyspnoea may depend upon passive hypersemia, due to

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in the hepatic artery, the portal vein radicles will become compressed

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is slightly smaller than the others. This figure corresponds to Fig. 69.

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out anatomically and theoretically which is not always bene-

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acid, but is expelled into the duodenum without further elabora-

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dorsal portion of the spine, but above the presumed seat of the myelitis, the

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cian interested in the progress of the profession by send-

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ter-irritants to the chest, prussic acid, cod-iiver oil, and the like — plainly

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the most important part of your work is of a humble kind,

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even in the best walks of life, make use of the most

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also co-exist, the diagnosis of oxaluria has been established with suffi-

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himself no great consumer of fluid, contains an average quantity

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dull, opprefled, generally collive, and has little or

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ly sufficient, to have read the works published on this matter, and to

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Archedemus, Hippasius, Tetrippus, and Stratonicus. It first ap-

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I would respectfully recommend the amendment of our Constitution so as to

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detected. The force or impact from bringing the foot a distance of

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the governor, with his usual acuteness, and was asked by what au-

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female ingenuity, as represented by the matron, may

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and carried into the circulation. The spleen was increased one-half, its cap-

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tympanites, and generiil prostration. In the next forty-eight hours the

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condition indicate. Of all these remedies the most generally

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throwing out of the bony material (splint formation), the

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be considered fairly comparable. The most important of the blood

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impossible to form any accurate estimate of his de-

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Where the sense of hearing is very sharp, Sir Dominic Corrigan


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