the earth in the pots or on the shelves and floor of the
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The reserve capacity of the chest becomes so limited as to
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Clark from the Kings Co. Hospital, with the following
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cells. Abscesses are sometimes formed without any of the usual
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a furlough to return home, and await further orders. In Feb-
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produces upon the fever is in proportion to the reduction of the
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gentle pressure on the protrusion in the direction of
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are long enough to give a complete dilatation of the nostril. The ends
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relatioos of the membranes removed and the large blood-ressels cut), and perhaps also in small
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(1.) Pain; (2.) Leucorrhoea; (3.) Dysmenorrhea, or, sometimes, Irre-
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pyramidal terminal panicle, a foot or more in length.
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proceed and cause acute miliary tuberculosis. Another term
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will be given in the tabular form of the first and second.


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