reply to them as did St. Paul to the Galatians: "O,

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fied with notions and names, without a constant verification of

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and to devise the means to check its ravages. If some of our

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coldness when first applied to the chest and ear, and their weight, are object-

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held in the position of talipes equinus, and the hands

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Lecturer on Dermatology, Detroit College of Medicine.

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cannot afford to have large libraries. The majority

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is. — Dr. Harvey J. Cristman (A. M. C, '64), retired, died at

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account of the disease contained an element of doubt, we have

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lines rather than to cell phones and thus fail to capture a truly

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practice a few months ago, and as such cases are uncommon I

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P'^isits for purses (all departments). — Number of visits, 1,359; for bed

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size may be observed. There may be several very small corpuscles

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Articles must conform to WJM’s style— our style guide, "Instructions for Authors," appears in the January

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and a small part of the inguinal canal slit open: three sutures were

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the present day, though it is now threatened with an eclipse

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The bag rebounds, striking him upon the hocks; after

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N., Long. 6° 15' W., for the Month'of Februanj, 1914.

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vain-glorious, proud and incons;ant. He whose arms are

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the Loftier bacillus and of a short oval bacillus. A few colonies of a coccus,

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Para, and so grave was it that it attracted the notice of the Para press,

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rality of another citizen of Montreal, the late Mr. William

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measurables and ponderables of physical science, however

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and will probably be of more value when a practical stereo-

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the parts supplied by the branches of the fifth nerve, with complete

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further, that the ammonia must be formed in the bladder.

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of the blood. 2. The coloration of the j' skin department,

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trophies and ten medals as prizes. Through the efforts

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blind, or lame for life, I should choose the latter; nay, I felt that even death

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has been shown to establish beyond question that when the disease is

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epidermis in the recently bom infant, an occurrence depending upon

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tail the remedies which we employed, suffice it to say that cold

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and somewhat hoarse. The patient died in a state of un-

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group of cases, or we call attention to any abnormality which arose.


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