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and 13 Bible House, New York, being an illustrated religious

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doned for bringing little matters to the attention of

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All sorts of remedies are sought for at the Chemists

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would not be altogether ill chosen or untimely. And,

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where the mesenteric border cannot be saved, section

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mals, organs, called the kidneys, together with other organs

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while at the middle part hairs could be pulled out without his noticing

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ment, for they are not subject to the civil service rules,

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small lacerated opening apparently recently torn, leading into distal portion

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tite' shall require. In this way the medicine removes

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hardly have seriously supposed the answer to be the poison

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Goulstonian Lectures to the Royal College of Physicians, London, in 1892,

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occurring in the liver itself or in the intestine. Of these factors the lat-

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and feet. In both cases there is more or less fusion of the fingers

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tration. The tunica propria does not differ in the least

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For the week ending July 15th, in Boston, according to

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chloric acid, of which the larger portion is free, and a small part is

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if it be lactic acid, for instance, as there are cogent reasons for believing

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nurse to know. The first section is devoted to ollicinal

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Only recently has the accuracy and reproducibility of the

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provided for that purpose. There, so far as I can trace it, the mat-

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liar to those months, denominated hurricane months. The

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limbs, faintness, and entire want of appetite, are experienced in the

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resulting from fasting is a long familiar fact, and there are a few

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ducing a drainage tube, I now decided to wait the result of the

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If feeling is the continued reaction of the world without on

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of organs, the finger, and still more the plessimeter, are over two or

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he assigns an almost sole supremacy to the progress of the intellect, as a power apart,

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ago who told me he sat last winter hour after hour on a

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