upon your time, and saying too much altogether. [Cries of

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inotory power, and spasm may therefore be as essentially diagnostic of this

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13. Lehman, E. P.: Jour. Biol. Chem., 1913-1914, If, 495.

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the disease did net always follow the same course; at times the face

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and the gliomatous condition of the cord in syringomyelia. Weigert holds

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liberated Africans was sent in the Brandon to Jamaica to be

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Tonsillectomy by Means of the Alveolar Eminence of the

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my cases ten patients had high temperatures; one had

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The commendable purpose of the editor is to foster in theory and

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"sessel, and nerve, was ebbing and running down, but death not

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flannel roller bandage. If he finds the expected growth, he pro-

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given. Small median tear. 13 pound baby. No shock. Rapid and normal

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at the Naval Hospital, another apparently healthy sailor

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tube for feeding purposes, at other times it is sedulously kept out of

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A sudden pain then appeared in his left knee, which obliged him to go

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Jersey General Dispensary.— Medical Officer. Further particulars of

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loss occasioned by the parasites. However, practically

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ing the infected district, but, to their disappointment, in the

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Operations are dangerous with haemaglobin less than 30

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corpuscles by selection, but only in their due proportion to

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The auscultation may be either direct or indirect. Dr. Fisher found the latter

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subserviency, the credulity, and the everlastiDg " to-morrow " of the

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this title. The paper showed the benefits which would

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throat and neck, sre sometimes the seat of syphilitic disease. Virehio¥»

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be examined, the pull of its muscles determined and move-

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by the south pole of the magnet ; but these I must reserve

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fessional critic of educators, or student of systems of education.

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in a marvelously short space of time, despite the fact that the subjects continued

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grasped it tightly ; allowed it to rema'n in the bladder

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Report of a Year of Infant Welfare Work— B. U. Brooks, M. D 180

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ever, belong to the genus Culex; .Anopheles includes

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of gas from the stomach commonly occur within a few min-

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to be regarded as an inflammatory affection or not. It seems to involve a

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constitutes a part of the residuum of segmentation, the red corpuscle


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