consecutive result of the deposition of atheroma. In
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Gingivitis, peridontitis, and carious teeth are also
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absence in the two exceptions, for I took care at all times to have the urine
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which, alone, or mixed with other substances, can be substituted for meat.
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in what has been called a dissolved state, more than usually liquid, its
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Clamps 2a and 2b are opened and closed alternately to permit the suction of sphere from
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as my patient, although on several occasions I have had
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Heart's impulse, excess and defect in the number of
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anaerobic Streptococci appear most often. 2, 7 Bac-
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in in vitro bacterial tests. No intrinsic effect on fertility was observed
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the medical officers of the army. The work is divided into two parts, — the
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my daily practice, as a further illustration of this pheno-
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]\reller, Charles Matthias, M.R.C.S., L.S..A.., London
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The models are in daily use by his pupils, and may be seen at his office
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the particulars, and accordingly addressed a letter to a gentleman resident
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medical care. Probably the most significant and compell-
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that such is the infinite variety presented by the animal organisation in all
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available, the effect of these programs on survival
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not mean that that referred specially to the Province of Ontario, because ours is a five-year
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iatro-chemists, therefore, are still alive, notwith-
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ished with blindness (Gen. xix, 11); for desecrating the ark the Philistines
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reductions in heart rate and systemic blood pressure at submaximal
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20. Sugar O. Spinal cord malfunction after anterior
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Dr. Hollinger is a Fellow, Department of Medicine (Pulmonary Diseases) and Dr.
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Never rest satisfied till the cause of partial congestion
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enlargerAent, combined with the size of the uterus, oc-
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The Court’ s decision . . . raises (and does not answer) several
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of them were connected together, the third was quite
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in the use of these machines. They have helped us to
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Copy must be typed and received by the Managing Editor no later than
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incision betwixt the mastoid process and the lobe of the ear. My next inci-
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increase in embryotoxicity (increase in mummified pups) in rabbits at oral doses 35 and 150
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will seek alternative careers in low level administra-
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A. Ransome; Dr. G. Wyse: Dr. H. Marshall; Mr. Thomas
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admit that Dr. Burrows has, from first to last, acted
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of a slower onset of effect, the oral forms of isosorbide dinitrate are not indicated for acute
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Softening of the middle lobes occurred in . . . .37


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