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reading a play of Shakespeare and seeing and hearing it acted.

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January 20th, sixteenth day. Condition good ; slept well without

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revolves beneath the water, and the agitation insm^es that all

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Let us pursue our experiments with manual traction still

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as well as that part of it to which he is specially devot-

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The prepuce somewhat resembled the prepuce of hypospadias,

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l>>come inert, the lower jaw hangs down, and an

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presented by the milk commission of the society, giv-

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It made the administration of ether in such cases a

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system called Thomsonism, one of the grossest pieces of wholesale

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bacteria; he subjected cultures to temperatures of — 315° F. Ehrlich

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cases of hepatic abscess, analyzed by the same writer, in only G were intesti-

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perature is normal or subnormal, the pulse is weak,

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Needless to say a patient in this condition is exposed to

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If the hands are allowed to rest close to the head, the

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recovered ; every function of the body is normal, and

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elaboration of the subject by Virchow. This has been confirmed in


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