programs was set up at the Joslin Clinic (Harvard University,

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.SuuscKlI'TloN 'I'lcUMs: iUM pi'r year, in udrance, ]ioHfii;/i> ]><ii<l,

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bulging at the position of the closed lateral foramina. Anterior base normal.

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gas attacks. Light was. supplied by acetylene lamps and

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however, the animal was shut up, and on the third day

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may vary according to the period at which they are observed. Thus in

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i. To eliminate as far as possible from the intestinal canal the poi-

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air, which is constantly brought in contact with them through

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till within two days of its termination, the appetite was good; large

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6. That the subcutaneous injection of tuberculin is the only

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stowed their individual influence in sustaining the claims which it

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morning, with the sunshine and the cloud of showery April ;

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ciences are comparatively trifling, and that tlie significance of the

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done on the right eye at once, as the only means of arresting-

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appoint sub-ageiitfl^ with the advice and consent of the Doc-

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Laryngologist and Aurist to the Lankenau Hospital. 2007

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bed, and place himself in the position in which he was when he was 'hit.

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Christian gentleman. He had a genial, sociable disposition,

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cannot fail, after diligent attention to the grand models here

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districts which, like the Channel Islands, Denmark, Nor-

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to learn much more — the possible associated injuries to joints,

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by solar beat. He concentrates the sun's rays upon the part by means of a

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dose of physic, as the habits of the horse may require, constitute

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all attempts to arrest it. For a time it was considered

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If visible or readily accessible, foreign bodies should be

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in nephritis, but pure water without salines should be

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wound — clip off the hair, wash w r ell with warm water and soap, then

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