Jeroboam : and if you will stand to your principles, I do

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twenty inspirations a minute. M. Sandras asserts that this treat-

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in the departments of bacteriology, physiology, and


Thus memory and volition come to find their place in the nervous inte-

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ease to their children, who were attacked with it in a

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was so arranged that one pole of the galvanic current could be induced into

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elass certificate as much as possible take the place of the formal examination.

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manent cure maybe effected by such treatment ; but the opportunity

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passed from the anterior to the posterior abdominal wounds, and a

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that the roentgenologist working above the sterile sheet can

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i "i" 111 the people in regard to medicines; If they choose quark, andqnaok-

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« Petrnscbky, Zeitschr. f. Hygiene, xvil, p. 69, and Beniheim,

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1901 a.— Chromatinfarbung <Centralbl. f. Bakteriol. [etc.], Jena, 1. Abt., v. 30

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bone in growing children can Im- correete*] in variouH

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structure situated just below the ears, with a duct run-

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and white rocks. Table Mountain, June 2. 1894 (No. 122); Lara-

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had been operated upon before the previous immunization. The

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ing. The spring term is devoted to: Book-Keeping or

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one case in which Waldeyer made the autopsy, and in which

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an entrance into our systems (having first passed tlirough

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and 24 full-page coloured plates. All the drawings are of such a

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producing this increat-ed 8uscei)tihility. The following

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confidence in his diagnosis. If he believes a symptom may be

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year. He was born in India, was at one time senior surgeon of the

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in the main the outlined regimen previous to confinement.

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sound is promulgated ; and one by Stokes, who discovered that

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dence that rag-sorters are, except for occasional cases


way ; and we want downright facts at present more than any thing else.— Ruskin.

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discovered that the medullary surface of the interior of the bone

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pulse, and the fecal character of the vomitus will point

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ligatures. A small drain, either of rubber or catgut, is placed

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Cholera, Asiatic, prophylaxis of. By H. MaoCormao, M.D... 14

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maximum and minimum altitude of the mercury, is made


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