the movements of the eves and the movements of tlie

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lation received in giving medicine, examining the nose, performing o])er-

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lime, he uttered incoherent expressions, and attempted to vomit. With some

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a little of "Hahnneman" in its proportions,* but it was given

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Operation. — We will first make a linear incision over and parallel

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ficial palmar arch and flexor tendons of 2 fingers; 2, of ulna artery and partially

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associated with lesions, more especially bilateral, affecting the region of

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of the warrant which gave increased relative rank to

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in all parts of our land in more recently constructed institutions.

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the next case. One opportunity only was afforded for examina-

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wounds in other persons; none of her relations have been

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are inflammatory and degenerative, involving the medullary sheaths and

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lowered from 2.5° to 5° C. ; the abatement lasts about five hours.

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that the recovery of a patient was due to the drug which they

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of acts committed while driving or in actual physi-

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What to Do. — If the disease is prevalent or a person knows

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carried on, Dr. Dickson concluded his exceedingly interesting

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manent valve with a mucous surface applied to the mouths of

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Says Burt, "■ It corresponds to diseases of the nervous system^


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