difficulty in successfully treating scrofula, and have cured hundreds

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two grains of calomel every hour until three or four doses have been

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have been unable to discover any toxic influence as a

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the construction of Indian roads is also recommended. Ravines near stations are

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more used to it,' &c. by which comfort, together with a glass of gin, she is en-

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cent.), next on the first (twenty-four per cent.), and finally on the

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Left main equivalent disease represents hemodynamically

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yet miners suffer the least mortality compared with other

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and the respiration notably weak. During the period that had elapsed,

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made for many years. The substances, phrenosin and cerasin, were

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says A., "I found her a few days afterwards in a vio-

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The next day she had a chill, and complained of pain in the

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in the organization was under consideration, it assumed the

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Fractures of the skull and spinal column arc chiefly of importance

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suffered but little inconvenience from the condition, and

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A common error still prevails, in many districts, that staggers is

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kidneys, a compression was exerted upon the vessels, which caused thrombosis of

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receiving. He was being given the tincture of digitalis in doses

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tack may be warded off. The patient must understand that

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co-operate with voluntary charitable agencies and stand ready to

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pulse 90. Her urine from 60 to 70 ounces in twenty-

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windows for ventilation, and if the sleeping-room be near the ground,

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again, when Lord Kelvin and Prof. J. J. Thomson undertake

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muscles concerned. It is necessary to remember, however, that even if a

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hyperphoria, etc., which were many times repeated. As an evidence of

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nurse to know. The first section is devoted to ollicinal

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faction ; but it is necessary to pass on to the next topic

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General Hospital, where I was house-physician, of Dr.


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