dressing is left undisturbed until repair is complete, unless the tem-

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London that he was invited to call upon Professor Cleland to

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Women, Intended to illnstrate " retroflexion and retroversion'' of the nteras,

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(6) The blood-vessels are frequently sclerosed, especially those arteries

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all literary w^ork, but it must only regulate the medium in which

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vortex are equally destructive to the mariner. To a liberal and enlight-

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nervous and began to vomit. Result, protrusion of the vitreous with

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Hypnotics, 1891. — 21. Jones, L. Medical Electricity, 1895, p. 295. — 22. Leech, D. J.

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ease may be conveyed from one patient to another by the

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majority of cases this, the first and most acute stage, is abruptly termin-

tolterodine (detrol) is indicated for treatment of

icine which owes its origin, in a great measure, to him, has yet even

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appoint sub-ageiitfl^ with the advice and consent of the Doc-

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Preferred pages extra, and must be secured in advance. The best

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deposit. The cortical portion of the kidney is the chief seat of the

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direct agency of the Panagia for the benefit of the

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take the Indica any longer, a poultice of tobacco was applied to

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matter for the physician's consideration is as to which course

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such as filling up the cavity with bone-chips. This would be

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bistoure cach*^ of Simpson, subsequently Dr. White's Uterotome.

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blood in the production of disease. But w r e received the work,

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imported from without, and must then inquire whence they have

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there was a constant danger from outbreak of yellow

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described, the decomposition of the sludge is anaerobic in

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success. Keid's method, they informed me, only altered

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f division of blood-medicines has been stated at length in the

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eration of permanent opening has been done, if there

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goes with the investment. Great chance for enterprising

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of the programme for the control of venereal diseases, a more thor-

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whole affair should be evenly powdered, avoiding excess ai any

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