nitrate of bi-miuth to naphthol as an intestinal disinfectant.

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oflSeers elected : Dr. £. M. Dixon, Flat, president ; Dr. J. S.

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for fresh blood, the same tests were applied to blood

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And renal lithiasis, in chronic rheumatism and affections re-

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Case 4. — Chester S., aged 14, presented himself at the dis-

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a way out of some of the difficulties which I then fore-

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of the several Sections, is excellent. The date of the

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with or without the secretion of purulent matter. The chloride of zinc has

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a "Library of Medicine," to be conducted by Dr. Alexander Tweedie, one

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In every case of hypertrophy the capillary congestion, which is the result

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of morphine strewed over the blistered surface amounting to half a grain.

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the chest, the patient was ordered to resume the recumbent posture. Per-

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danger to herself or her child, or to both, and the arrival of a second ac-

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William Commodore Cavble, M.D., Salem, Ind., to Miss

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the Governor that the Commission represented the high-

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not astonishing; but I did not suppose, that the numerous and interesting

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attempt to read after a lecturer is not only to overburthen the mind, but to


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