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written in a style which is a pleasure to read His illustrations, which

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Avtopsy twelve hovra afUr death, — Body moderately

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sickness. Three months previously she caught cold and had

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its fullest, all the auxiliary muscles being brought into play. This first

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skin, similarly prepared twenty-four hours in advance and kept

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ated for permanent improvements on the Station. This has

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fluids has been compared, the objects in view being to see whether

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the reahty of the full value claimed for the earth-dressings, and however much

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Boyer, he does not find any which confirms the opinion held by this

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resemblance of these works to the electric science of the day was not

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or snow ; from food of good quality and sufQcient in

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nice things about me in a big, blue-covered book. He said that I weighed 15.88, which is going some, especially

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general circulation. The hemorrhagic infarction which results

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its pronounced and peculiar manifestations, is a condition

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amining the joint, 'it was found to be in progress of entire disorgani-

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frozen. At the end of about three weeks the line of demarca-

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tion at the symphysis reaches three inches. The anterior

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lateral and cuspid appeared fused. A gold shell-crown on the upper

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A very ofiensive fluid is discharged by the cracks and ulcers, the

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abscesses, suppurating growths, abscesses of the gall-bladder, and hydatids

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oppression. I feel quite confident in stating that, apart from a

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portant medical museums, more especially those of the


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