Jefferson Medical College, by advice of counsel was consulted respecting

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From these figures its error can be calculated. From their

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nal hemorrhage in typhoid fever. Mrs. O's mother died at the age of 49 from

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that it does not become heavy or confined. The younger and

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agents by means of the stomach, by inoculations, and by

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heard at any yielding part of the walls of the thorax, or the abdomen,

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*6 1 61 507 Da Costa, J. C. Clinical hematology — a practical guide

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new and important matter. The Author, in presenting to the public the results

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and some spots were present. The disease may thus closely

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nounced retraction at all times. The patient died on

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abdominal cavity a large quantity of fluid, which in the upper part is clear, but in

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logical processes; (2) the congenital form is the result of meningeal hem-

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The posterior wound was the smaller ; its lips were

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good-natured farmer was awaiting the suburban train, accom-

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described by Weigert, in 1874. There inclusions were first regarded as para-

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But the greatest service that the war has done is probably the

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of the fetus and habitual excessive development of it. The indi-

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colouring matter of the blood in black vomit, according to Dantec, is

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towards the right side. Accordingly, the woman was or-

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with the action of salt on the solution of globulins in the presence of

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physicians, it is surely incumbent on us who have a higher mor-

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leart replaced by a blowing sound, attributable only to the existence

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in the following case : " A horse is noticed to breathe faster than

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has it in contemplation to secure, we cannot now recom-

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both hands is bad — the right is colder than the left — the

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one to two centimeters, with depressed centres. Mi-

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side. This view is contradicted by the molecular weight determina-


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