crockery and bread arrived in time and the party was so successful

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fling incidents make or mar a man's success in life.

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that fluid consequent on tne propagation of an organism which largely con-

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what is depakote used for

computerized decision-making system (Option Technol-

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the stricture by its own weight is introduced and held against the

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Hospital. B.A. 1973, Cornell University; Ph.D. 1980,

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(Tele. 6571) — 1882 — 8 to 9; 1 to 2; 7 to 8. Ph. G. (Ontario)

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11. Ataxia; left deltoid and right leg weak. Dec. 12. All extremities paralyzed;

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The condition may also be induced by worms, by gastric

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some slight medication of the wash may aid : an infusion

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case under his observation. The diagnosis is difficult, as

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and obtained a gold medal for his thesis (his lirother medallists

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deaths for January, including the late returns of the previous months:

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Col. (Temp. Major-Gen.) Stanistreet, C.B., C.M.G., M.B., Army Medical Service.

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sive of the high esteem in which he was held by his fellow-prac-

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ordered asylums is often most efficacious as a remedial agent, yet

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Hereditary Diseases. — No one, of any observation,

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The following testimony from one of the best matrons who ever

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above and is caused by the depressing effect of the cation of the

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knowledge ought to show how this is determined, as from

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also a striking sociologic phenomenon. Through diligence

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sorgeon's exertions more taxed than in these, and he must

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cases to time of leaving off splint is 44 days. 18 cases give no shortening,

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helped to increase this suspicion. These symptoms are spoken of as

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where the epidemic was more severe, seven persons died out of

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advocated, and its beneficial results have been confirmed.


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