toms. After excision T\ath the knife, w^hich must include the tissues

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tions, but grew worse physically and mentally. Both

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livery of the after-birth and without warning. The patient was a primipara and she


was made at Toulouse by M. Toussaint of the Veterinary College. Examination

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unaided, of a 7f lb. living child, with a depressed fracture of the

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United States Department of Agriculture in 1878; from 1894 to 1927, inclusive, he was chief of the Bureau

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The only member of the family that escaped was the woman Mitchell, and she

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ing the latter, the presence of some volatile acrid

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they too may fall victims to the malady, owing to the

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and; if you find that at any parts sensation is utterly lost, so that you

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ure principles. Let us do all we can to bring our specific

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parently been successful in his mission to Rome, on

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simply widened, as in B. anthracis and B. megatherium, bulged out at either

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the right shoulder, and at length was obliged to leave off work. His comrades, who

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reveal the fact that there has never been a prosecution of an epi-

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five times enlarged; osmlc acid preparation (Oruber, after Retcius): lis, ligamentum spirale; tnb, membrana basilaris;

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exploratory incision to determine the presence or ab-

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Potassa and Infusion of Juniper Berries were discontinued. No appetite.

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jail as a punishment therefor. A writ of hnhens cor-

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^fossor of Diseases of Children and Sanitary Science In

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each of the five fenfes, fo the brain is not to be confidered

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skin, assume more or less closely the features of rupise. You

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primary focus — a bluish or black spot, perhaps quite overlooked. In

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the nineteen which fell to the writer's care (exclusive of

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hemiplegia have been applied to these localized paralyses. The following

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it totally unfitted him for labour, exhausting and wasting his

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that it was tainted with sewage ; and subsequently an examination

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titrated with the uranium solution until a trace of greenish color


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