regard every patient with smallpox as a possible source for infection. We are
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Urea is now artificially prepared by the following process :
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Happy the man whose reputation is such or whose local habi-
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paper, Dr. Grauer exhibited, under the microscope, a
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Prince, Henry K. Clinical Instructor in Obstetrics and
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an average of 70 percent. The average time from a reported
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though the same number of men continue to work the number of bricks
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argue upon the origin of matter," and Pasteur was of the same opinion. He quietly proved
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complicates cases of hyperacidity, especially if constipa-
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toward them. He objects to intercollegiate contests
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eyes and the submaxillary lymphatic glands often are swollen*
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dogs shall be buried, or otherwise destroyed. The straw of the
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gonorrhcea. I think their chances of getting it are almost negligible.
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Rhode Island; CI. Faulkiitr, West Virginia; Thomas S.
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fant which was born on the 21st, at 8 A.M. The child had had no eva-
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being j^articularly prevalent in Cashmere and Eunawin, and is a
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The presence of blood in a wound is not itseK to be desired, and modern
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acute inflammation of the gall-bladder, for example —
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decompensation, diabetes, anemia, and other chronic diseases 354
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somewhat discolored from post-mortem changes. The liver was fatty, the kidneys
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day night no grain, but large sloppy mash instead; Sunday morning
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specialist of the U.S. Bureau of the Public Health Service, the future
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opposed endothelial surfaces, while the proximal and
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H. B. Aitkens, a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota, opened an
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ment is made easity. I may say here that too ripe clover also causes
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gravy, and other articles called rich^ are accused as
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any fibrine whatever. The aorta, from the termination of the arch to an
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best determined by considering what it is not. " The eruption of
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ertf not forgetting to keep up th<i inward heat, by giving
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honest}^, and integrity, can perhaps be judged by no better single
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2. Uniform form for periodical sanitary veterinary bulletins.
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22. Conrad P. Thomford J, Yamane 1, et al: Hemolytic anemia caused by
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of Disinfection. But do not let me be understood as say-
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which was enlarged to about the size of an elongated cricket


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