Treasurer, so that he can terminate the agreement at

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the methylen blue from the nucleus by the eosin; and the further

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the writer expressed on a former occasion, that we feel a par-

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given shape to the English and Scotch statutes." The great merit

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accomplished, no one can feel that his life has been spent in

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and tissues of the system ; but all poisons and agencies which im-

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ments, and renders the organism more liable, on the one hand,

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which is said to be highly artistic, since they retain all

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with a mass of tenacious clay-like substance of a pale brownish

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of bile into the cyst is the c&use of its becoming inflamed.

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but not upward on account of the acromion; nor backward by

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It is not very often that one is obliged to desert the

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Complcs-Rendiis de la SoriH^ de Biologie. LXI. No. 20. Page 85. 1900.

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Medical School, and Shyan C. Sun, M.D., Associate Professor,

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Moderately toxic. Eye signs + +. Tremor + +. Thyroid, moderate soft

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age, the "supper" should be made of stale, coarse, "light bread," with fresh

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ly soluble in water; freely soluble in alcohol. Used externally.

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tance (3 to 4 inches) from the outside of the body. In

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specimens may be considered as containing bile above the threshold

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crucible, does not give off sparks nor bubbles, nor

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many of the wounded will have been lying long unattended to, and

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cavity which must have formed during the healing of the

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gift and the pledge made by J. P. Morgan last June to give three

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the organism is not nourished and will expire ; and the clinical tests of Germain

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endemic occurrence of this disease in the east of England and in

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of the amblyopia in dinitro-benzole poisoning. There is often failure of

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possible until the limitations of innate growth and the relation

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speak so flatteringly to the pride of my own country. In some

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observations on various medico-legal matters to the Journal from

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were probably genuine examples of malarial cohtis. In cases of


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