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Gastronomic Phenomenon Not Previously Described.— Evan

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and disinfectant solutions, painted vaginal mucous mem-

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not be written in a scientific manner, and be free from unpleasant dis-

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Si/mpfoms. — The symptoms of a])Scoss of the luaiii vary wi(h'ly in

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present the ordinary structure of turscs mucoscE or synovial sheaths.

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sonal series of 100 herniorrhaphies, twelve were recurrent

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pute," says our author, " may be thus stated; when a stimu-

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porteS. One of the patients, also, whose case terminated

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veal ; and further, with boiled beef and fish, as much as they would eat. •

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Preusam6d. de Granada, 1880, i, 881-888. . Lafiebre,

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ment center. Present salary range $10,896-814,196 with

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large number of cocci were found on bacteriological

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greatest care must be taken in the disinfection of the skin in the

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haemorrhage. Changes in the weather which favour "catching cold"

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easily done and not felt at all by the patient. The eye-

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ment. It serves very well as a mouth-gag and can do

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Functions of the Chest, Breathing accelerated. Wallace,

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pares his condition to that in sea-sickness. Another symptom is pain in the

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tions made by the Commissioner of Education at Washington ;

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and back are bent forward, the feet are kept some little distance apart, and one

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a carpet needle into her heart, which was not discovered until the

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titative, not qualitative. A morbid increase of substance is called hyper-

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Drug Interactions: The CNS-depressant effects of VICODIN may be additive with that of other CNS depressants.

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Deventer), hysteric tremor, aphonia, aphasia, various forms of anesthesia,

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are given abundantly, beef-tea less so, and wine never in the

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conirilmtions " are respectfully informed that, in accepting such arti-

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pose of this little volume is to furnish a guide for

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Flexor carpi radialis [flexion to the radial side] (median).

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Robin-Magitot, denied the existence of this epithelial organ, and

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thence into the water main. Three weeks thereafter cases of typhoid by the

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alveolar pai5sages, into which open the air-cells, vesicles, or alveoli. Tlie

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requires more carelul research and is capable of greater

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gently stimulating dressings, but bandages do more harm than

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better, its ethereal extract (to which one or two drops

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my opinion, the cribriform, or rarefied condition ot

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men who are going to practise in your province afterwards which is of a lower standard than

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