Tonsils and Adenoids: Treatment and Cure, by Richard B. Faulkner, M.D.

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is discharged, final statements will be furnished him; if a soldier


that treatment by a new physician, especially if he be a celebrity, often

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the different types of cheese as represented by Eastern as well aa West-

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doses is taken by the patient three times daily after meals. I

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tor, and will prevail, if it be firm and just. But should he be

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changes whatever. In nine, however, of these the pulmonary lesions were com-

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disease, particularly considering granular kidney, and in-

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to care for their bodies and keep themselves in good condition than are

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and on resigning office he had, perhaps, the greater satisfaction

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tion of cold pervades the whole body. Sense of heat in face,

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Symptoms. — In the greater number of cases the first symptoms

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the nerve also injured. Eeduction was easy. The condyles x)f

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Many attempts have been made in animals of various species to treat

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seen on my first day of travel north to Kragujevatz on March 8,

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remarkable athletic performance of Dr. W. G. Grace.

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ing upon the locality of the lesions; also degeneration and

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renal virilism, menstrual form, and obste- most frequent complication is tubal preg-

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of the authorities of the town, which evidently must be in a

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of careful study ; as also the one following, on the Repair of

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Each of the above detailed operations lasted more than

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(Case 4). R. J., age 7 years, male. Previous history negative. Admitted

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posed at that time must always be the case when the

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over one-thousandth of an inch enters the epithelial

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would, indeed, seem to us that, in penning these lec-

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Grille, Morelet, Brera, Otto, Odier, Kugler, and others. It is used in

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oesophagus, aorta or vena cava may be abnormally large, so as to admit of a her-

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treating wounds have conferred upon the art of surgery, one

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i. e., the fibres or paths which transmit the motor impulse down

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utilized as medicines. The latter is no less notorious for the fatal

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stream running to the river had, during the spring, a course of a mile or so

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ings in the following bi'anches : — ^R(^ading, orthoepy, orthog-

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is preserved with his family and friends, by means of characters traced

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has ceased, and then resume the pressure when relaxation takes

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