verdict of the jury, but that his professional brethren

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cliallenged good repute, is preposterous. The univer-

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visable to modify many of their formulae, so as to assi-

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this vicious state of things, and would gladly see it

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philosophical minds, and no one can believe they would

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hatchets found in the drift of Moulin Quignon. It had

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system, and there producing efiects that stare us in the

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in proportion to the local primary mischief than in other

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and siniilar occasions had been willing to lend them-

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Grimsdale thought it the best instrument for removing

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being started by Mr. Hardwicke, to be called The Jour-

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Buchanan and others for arresting the spread of the

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was waited upon by a friend of the mother, who told me

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series of letters, some anonymous, published in the

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the Medical Council. Unless the Council will contine

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If the privileges of public vaccinator were allowed to

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cils respectively, out of the residue of the moneys so

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able and unmistakable efiects. Whosoever could doubt-

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bare, and similar results were obtained on applying the

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hundred of water, it dies in a few minutes, although the

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fore the OS uteri had dilated to something like the size

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pretty certainly, arrest the progress of the soft suppur-

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April 2--'.nd, the committee of the hospital met Mr. Ikin the

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of surface set in, accompanied by some degree of tume-

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Snell, Staff-Surgeon W., to be Surgeon 99th Foot, vice C. C. Euther-

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the Council on the subject would necessarily deter-

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*,* AH letters and communications for the Jodrnai,, to be addressed

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would not have afforded security against sraall-pox; and,

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ment, also the same particulars with regard to members

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