the time intoxicated for three or four months, the ul-

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phia : H. C. Lea. Toronto : Copp, Clark & Co. pp. 730.

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In seventeen, or all of the cases, the uterus was examined,

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had been under the treatment of Dr. James J. Putnam

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pain to an inflammation which entirely corresponds to the pic-

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a rule, when attempts have been made to remedy the evils caused by the

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of the anterior pair of walking legs and running obliquely forwards till

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latiou fell from 1,400 (in 1909) to 1,129 (in 1913). Miss La Motte finds this " heartbreakingly

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should be examined methodicallv so as to find out where it originates.

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another which aided in obtaining the beat results, it

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may occur dependent upon the precise state of the patient, but only

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the body, and filled with blood, does not assume this red hue, even after they

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may be further needful to repeat the boiling on several

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various stages in the formation of the acquired diverticle were

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*ZritichrtftfBrw]aMnMh.Zoologlo,Baiidv.p.ll«. 1864

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Pons. — The essential nerve structures and the supporting medium appear

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Mr. A. E. S. Smythe, Chairman, Advisory Committee on Venereal

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little stick, and dipped therein, with which the ulcers may

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reaction there should be, at least, suspicion of typhoid fever.

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third to one-half per cent. ; these figures includin -

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native inhabitants, who are larjjely unprotected hy

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of man. In the female pelvis its outlet is also more regularly oval, so

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draught of chloral and digitalis the other day in a case which I

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gether in perfect amity. — Baltimore Medical Recorder, April, 1830.

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to a loss of red blood corpuscles consists in an increased activity of the

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character of the individual case, and the effect produced as the dose

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rides is inevitable, but if this takes place in the stomach by contact with

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and how many more have been spent in searching authorities


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