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two hours till the fever subsides, or every hour until the tempera-
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plants on a page, the pictures in highly finished Phototypic
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be no alarm about low blood pressure following hemorrhage; this is to be
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the thermolytic is much earlier evolved in the animal scale than the
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forms again, yet it is much more watery than that taken
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spectful but firm protest sent to them, and if this does not secure
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the next day ; the first stage lasted three and one-half
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in many cases, where other remedies proved of no use.
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and more cases of vesical fistulse comparatively have resulted from the
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sixth day, if inoculation has taken place in the arm, the axillary glands
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£molv4dt That a oommitte* of ibe appointed, to sapenrlse and oon-
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to the literature on the subject is of interest, especially if in any
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promises to show, first, that this may be so and, then,
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a l-in-50 aqueous solution (1-50 of a grain) of carbolic acid (mixture neutral).
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of the operation. The only instruments required are a speculum
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as an adjunct to supportive treatment. lu such cases
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would thus be as follows: Zoology 1, Botany 1, Zoology 17, Anatomy 10, and
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disappointed in their ambitious aspirations to lead in any cause, will ex-
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and an occasional mast cell. These collections of cells
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of clinical lectures delivered at the SalpStri^re Asylum, Paris,
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4. Diggs, L. W., and Sirridge, M. S. : A study of the sternal
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out tlie vessels is at least two or three times as long as when the bacilli have
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which disappears if the figures are reduced to the first decimal ; yet the
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other enquiries to which I have devoted myself — those


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