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Ijest men and of the best means for carrying out such

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Monatsh., Berl., 1899, xiii, 87-89. — ITIiqiiel (J.-F.) ,Snr

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tainments, and their names will inspire confidence in the

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ready to concede that there is a good deal of self-evident useful

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become detached and eliminated, leaving gi-anulating

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mother's groins while sleeping in the same bed. — Journal of

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constitute the best local treatment. If the ulceration continues

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as Drs. Gall and Spurzheim have described ;" and that their

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identical. He based this opinion on the fact that chemical operations which

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punctured it, it bled freely, and, hoping to lessen the ovarian congestion, I

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by the disturbance of function, or actual disease it

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ventilation, light, cleanliness, — in fact, all those conditions

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constriction — Hemorrhage into the lungs . . .412

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titia still resists. In such cases the blood escapes between the external

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siasm to all his writings, justly entitle him to the appellation

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his own profession. It is clear, indeed, from his phraseology and

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operation and ordered a siiray of carbolic solution (y^fu),

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lower lip or at the angle of the mouth are closed by

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result of spasm due to prolonged nervous stress combined with certain,

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Wash out the womb and vagina, using a soft, rubber tube

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that it is certain that the ^^^'%-'''''}^^'^^^^ white

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des Hopitaux, and composed of Professors of the Faculty and

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a yet more dangerous condition, the pregnancy outside the womb. An

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<Deutsche tieriirztl. Wchnschr., Hannov., v. 11 (23), 6. Juni, pp. 216-217.

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the organ, measured eighteen inches. The structure of the spleen was very firm —

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Thus, if a person die from the effects of carbonic acid, of confined air, of

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lepis murina,. H. diminuta, Davainea madagascariensis,


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