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widely and strongly prevailed among all the nations
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sion of legislative intentions should include: (a) Provision
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berculin into the eyes, nor yet in scratching the skin
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rowing family in this time of their sad affliction, for their grief is
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middle ear suppurations. Suffice it here to draw at-
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Jameson. — In Indianapolis, Indiana, on Friday, October
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lication of reports in the daily papers on the value
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the calcium has then no controlling intluence against
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Jakes. — In San Francisco, California, on Sunday, No-
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spirillum invasion are often more due to the patient's
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tremity or in the same vessel in different parts of
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sion of the cervicodorsal cord a gradual disappear-
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25. Brown-Sequard, relative to epilepsy, induced epil-
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they were niaking a retrograde step. On a division,
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ber 30th, Dr. J. H. Heavrin, aged forty-eight years.
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interesting to a very high degree. The recently lib-
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position for three or four hours, and was relieved when
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partment. — Health Commissioner l,ederle has sent to
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State senators, two physicians, and a lawyer. The follow-
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with by the physicians, the chemotherai)cutists now
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2. Bilharziasis. Report of a Case with Appendicitis. Lit-
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intussusception, or tuberculosis, and in advanced age
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existing peritonitis caused by the appendix lesion,
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plenty of such material is to be had among patients
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later than brood A in arriving at maturity. This gave an
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liad an indolent, hard gland as large as a hen's egg-
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of the body weight ; if a man takes sufficient nour-
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of the patient and If desired will accompany him to the Sanitarium.
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Class of Dr. Ricrhoff, from January i, 1908, to December 31, I909-
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abreast with the physical science and logical reason-
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1. Serotherapcutics and Anaphylaxis in Cerebrospinal
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or to a secondary inferiority in faulty handling of
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ilized, nnd u.'=e(l rs a guide just before opening the skull.
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